Note: This list is not inclusive of everything we are working on. We will strive to release two new books each month.


  • More to be announced later.


  • A New Nobility of Blood and Soil, By Richard Walther Darré, translation from German

  • The Company of Death,1915-1916, by Cristoforo Baseggio, translation from Italian

  • Russian Volunteers in Spain 1936-1939, translation from Russian

  • The Chechen Blues, by Alexander Prokhanov, translation from Russian

  • Serviam: The Political Ideology of Adrien Arcand, translation from French

  • The Charm of Egypt, by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, translation from Italian

  • Conquering Berlin, by Wilfrid Bade, translation from German

Jackalope Hill (Fiction Imprint):

  • Let Them Look West, by Marty Phillips


Little Frog Hill (Children's Book Imprint):

  • More to be announced later.