Theory of the Partisan by Carl Schmitt

Theory of the Partisan by Carl Schmitt

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“No one suspected what the unleashing of irregular warfare would mean. No one considered what the victory of the civilian over the soldier would mean if one day the citizen put on the uniform while the partisan took it off to continue the fight without it.”


Theory of the Partisan consists of two lectures, delivered by Carl Schmitt in 1962, addressing the transformation of war in the post-European age. This accessible work analyzes the origin, evolution, and practical effects of the modern partisan. With the rise of political terrorism and the universal acceptance of critical theory, Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan emerges today more relevant than ever. 


The C.J. Miller translation is the third complete English translation of Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan, being made available in 2020 to the general public through Antelope Hill Publishing. This translation is more faithful to the original German and avoids any commentary or apologia for the plain words of this formidable legal and political thinker.




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