The Concept of the Political by Carl Schmitt

The Concept of the Political by Carl Schmitt

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“The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy.”


The Concept of the Political is Carl Schmitt’s most influential work and one of the most influential works of political philosophy. First published in 1932 as an elaboration of a 1927 journal article, Schmitt lays out the concept of the political – the friend-enemy distinction – and delivers a cogent critique of the impossibility and impracticability of anything that seeks to abolish that distinction. Schmitt also sets up a cohesive theory that takes account of the varying intensities of the political. His theory cuts to the heart of the political phenomenon and provides insight that will prove increasingly relevant for coming generations.


Having produced the second complete English translation of this work to be printed, C.J. Miller labors to remain faithful to the original German and avoid any commentary or apologia for the plain words of this formidable legal and political thinker. Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to present C.J. Miller’s complete English translation of Carl Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political.



    Comments and Reviews



    Nobody criticizes and attacks liberalism quite as well as Carl Schmitt does in this book. 'The Concept of the Political' is simply one of the greatest foundational political texts for the authentic, dissident Right that exists. Schmitt lays his case out very clear that liberalism's main goal is to depoliticize the world, but in so doing, it simply creates new enemies, thus highlighting its own inherent shallowness and emptiness.
    My favourite quite is from page 34: "Just because a people no longer has the strength or the will to remain in the sphere of the political, does not make the political disappear from the world. Only a weak people disappears."
    Buy the Antelope Hill edition of 'The Concept of the Political'. The so called 'mainstream' edition, the George Schwab translation, is badly translated and is book ended by, to say the least, unhelpful and distracting essays written by the actual ideological enemies of Schmitt, particularly Leo Strauss.
    The authentic Rightist will find in Schmitt's description of the 'concept of the political', the friend/enemy distinction, a valuable ideological and political framework for navigating the troubled political landscape of our world today.