(ebook) Faith and Heritage: A Christian Nationalist Anthology

(ebook) Faith and Heritage: A Christian Nationalist Anthology

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355 pages - epub

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Please note: This book is an anthology of articles from the now-archival website Faith and Heritage. All of them can be viewed for free on that website: https://faithandheritage.com/.




Faith and Heritage (active 2011-2019) was an online consortium of Traditionalist Protestant Christian writers who sought to provide a forum for like-minded Christians who, as they say, “have not acquiesced to the contemporary idols of Cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, equality, and the heretical social gospel.” The website was instrumental in influencing and encouraging debate – theological, cultural, and otherwise – within Protestant denominations. Faith and Heritage actively evangelized to those who had been alienated by the antinationalism of Church leaders and encouraged young Whites to return to the faith of their fathers.


Widely read and influential during its heyday, Faith and Heritage became purely archival from January 2019 onward. Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to permanently preserve the words of Faith and Heritage in print with this curated selection of articles and essays. With a foreword by Myles Poland, this selection contains articles by Davis Carlton, Nil Desperandum, Adam Grey, Thorin Reynolds, Gic Serry, and Ehud Would.



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