Theme: Why We Fight

Two $300 prizes for best in each category

Two $200 prizes for the runner-up in each category

Sponsored in part by WAC

Create a short essay or story

Create a poem, of any style.


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All contestants whose works are included have received emails. 


Antelope Hill Publishing wishes to express the stories and help build the culture that will pave the way to a better tomorrow. To this end we are launching our first writing competition to gather this material and later to publish the very best of it in print form. We will be accepting submissions from midnight of March 1st to midnight of April 30th. No work will be reviewed until submissions are closed. Depending on the volume of content received, we will take 1-4 weeks to come to a decision regarding the winners. Authors are gently encouraged to only submit work that already meets the high standard of Antelope Hill Publishing, and to keep submissions to an absolute maximum of 5,000 words.


Email all submissions in pdf format to AHeventsubmissions@protonmail.com with the subject line "Writing Competition Submission."

This event is being generously sponsored in part by the White Art Collective, a decentralized collection of artists of European descent whose mission is to preserve, promote, celebrate and expand upon our shared European culture.

Next event to be announced March 2022. This is an archive of the 2021 event.


By submitting your work to this contest, you agree that Antelope Hill Publishing will have non-exclusive publishing rights and permissions to said work. Participants must include their preferred pen name with the submission, as well as an email address or other communication address at which they can be reached. Submissions which do not provide attribution will, if published, be attributed to “Anon.” Authors who do not provide contact information at which they can be reached will forfeit any contest awards. Contest winners will be paid only by either cash, check, or money order at their request, sent via United States Mail, or, in the alternative, may be paid by some other method mutually agreeable to both parties. Submissions will be judged by the Antelope Hill Publishing editorial team and are nonreviewable. Limit three (3) submissions per person.