These are publishers whose titles are either directly complementary to our own or are working toward our mission of  seeking "to publish, republish, translate into English, and preserve for the coming generations, in print and ebook format, works that may one day be difficult to find, lost to the ravages of time or only available for the rich or well connected." We encourage all our customers to patronize them as well. Please Contact Us if you are a publisher and wish to be added.

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"Works in the history of rightist thought are rarely ever available in editions that place them where they belong: outside of the liberal worldview.


Imperium Press' mission is to rectify this sorry situation.

Our editions include introductions and commentary which place them squarely within the context of tradition, reaction, and counter-Enlightenment thought — the only context in which they can be properly understood."

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"Rogue Scholar is both a publisher and an online bookstore featuring a curated selection of books on a wide variety of subjects, from politics and philosophy to health and environmentalism.

As a publisher, we offer new original works as well as new editions of classic texts by writers like Ernst Jünger and Oswald Spengler.

We are committed to the ideal of the warrior-scholar and the cultured thug, and seek to preserve and transmit essential knowledge and information for a resurgence of nobility and high culture against the contemporary bugman and his handlers."

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Small organisation that works with legacy contacts in Europe with interest in conservative intellectual history. They do not currently have a website; you can purchase their releases linked here:

1. Under the Southern Cross: Selected Writings from Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

2. On Resistance to Evil by Force

3. The True State: Lectures on the Demolition & Reconstruction of Society

4. Why I Ceased to Be a Revolutionary / Beginnings & Ends

5. Byzantinism & Slavdom

258 N West End Blvd, #330, Quakertown, PA 18951

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